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Spontaneous generation: Quiz


Question 1: Some reddish worms form from long-standing ________ which has turned reddish.
MeteorologyPrecipitation (meteorology)SnowRain

Question 2: In 1837, Charles Cagniard de la Tour, a physicist, and ________, one of the founders of cell theory, published their independent discovery of yeast in alcoholic fermentation.
BiologyLifeTheodor SchwannCell (biology)

Question 3: Where Aristotle held that the embryo was formed by a coagulation in the uterus, ________'s dissection of deer showed that there was no visible embryo during the first month.
Ibn al-NafisHeartWilliam HarveyArtery

Question 4: ________ traced the origin of man back to the transitional period between the fluid stage of the earth and the formation of land.

Question 5: It is generally accepted to have been ultimately disproven in the 19th Century by the experiments of ________, expanding upon the experiments of other scientists before him (such as Francesco Redi who had performed similar experiments in the 17th century).
Louis PasteurBacteriaPasteur InstituteInfectious disease

Question 6: The last great proponent, as experimentation began to transform science, was ________ (1580–1644).
BelgiumJan Baptist van HelmontClassical elementWilliam Harvey

Question 7: Concerning sexual reproduction, Aristotle argued that the male parent provided the "form," or soul, that guided development through semen, and the female parent contributed unorganized matter, allowing the ________ to grow.
Prenatal developmentFertilisationEmbryogenesisEmbryo

Question 8: Another grub was said to grow out of ________.

Question 9: ________ accepted the spontaneous generation of life, but held that there had to be trials of combinations of parts of animals that spontaneously arose.

Question 10: In the first major ________ to challenge spontaneous generation, he placed meat in a variety of sealed, open, and partially covered containers.
ExperimentStatistical unitRandomized controlled trialInteraction (statistics)

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