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Question 1: In 774 it became part of ________.
German EmpireHoly Roman EmpireByzantine EmpireFrancia

Question 2: ________, by Alberto Sotio, and of St. Francis.
Hubert WalterReginald Fitz JocelinThomas CranmerThomas Becket

Question 3: In the United States, a parallel festival — Spoleto Festival USA — held in ________ was founded in 1977 with Menotti's involvement.
Columbia, South CarolinaFlorence, South CarolinaNorth Charleston, South CarolinaCharleston, South Carolina

Question 4: Spoleto (Latin ________) is an ancient city in the Italian province of Perugia in east central Umbria on a foothill of the Apennines.
Nocera UmbraAssisiFolignoSpoleto

Question 5: Ponte delle Torri, a striking 13th-century ________, possibly on Roman foundations: whether it was first built by the Romans is a point on which scholarly opinion is divided.
RomeMaltaAqueductUnited States

Question 6: Together with other fiefs, it was bequeathed to Pope Gregory VII by the powerful countess ________, but for some time struggled to maintain its independence.
RomeMatilda of TuscanyItalyHenry III, Holy Roman Emperor

Question 7: After Napoleon's conquest of Italy, in 1809 Spoleto became capital of the short-lived French department of Trasimène, returning to the ________ after Napoleon's defeat, within five years.
Pope Gregory IPope John Paul IICatholic ChurchPapal States

Question 8: During the absence of the papal court in Avignon, it was prey to the struggles between ________, until in 1354 Cardinal Albornoz brought it once more under the authority of the Papal States.
ItalyFrederick II, Holy Roman EmperorGuelphs and GhibellinesLombard League

Question 9: ________, who had been proclaimed emperor by his soldiers in Moesia, was slain by them here on his way from Rome (253), after a reign of three or four months.
Trebonianus GallusConstantine IAemilianusDiocletian

Question 10: The Romanesque edifice contains the tomb of Filippo Lippi, who died in Spoleto in 1469, designed by his son ________.
MasaccioFilippino LippiRomeFlorence


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