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Question 1: 60 million) spoken in Fujian, Taiwan, parts of Southeast Asia particularly in Malaysia, the Philippines, and Singapore, and amongst Overseas Chinese who trace their roots to ________ and Taiwan.

Question 2: For example, a Wu speaker would not ask a fellow Wu speaker if they speak "Wu", but would rather ask whether or not they speak the dialect from Suzhou or ________, known as Suzhouhua and Hangzhouhua, respectively, in Chinese.

Question 3: Xianghua 乡话/鄉話: spoken in a small strip of land in western ________, this group of dialects has not been conclusively classified.
HunanFenghuang CountyLiuyangWangcheng County

Question 4: The term "Cantonese" may cover all the Yue dialects, including Taishanese, or specifically the ________ of Guangzhou and Hong Kong.
Hakka (language)Cantonese (Yue)Chinese languageCantonese

Question 5: Jin 晋语/晉語: spoken in Shanxi, as well as parts of Shaanxi, ________, Henan, and Inner Mongolia.
ShanhaiguanWuqiao CountyHebeiBeidaihe District

Question 6: 3.2 million) spoken in the southern parts of ________—usually classified as a dialect of Gan.
Shou CountyAnhuiWuwei CountyJixi County

Question 7: 34 million) spoken by the ________, a cultural group of the Han Chinese, in several provinces across southern China, in Taiwan, and in parts of Southeast Asia such as Malaysia and Singapore.
TaipeiOverseas ChineseHong KongHakka people

Question 8: 2 million) spoken in parts of the ________.
Rongshui Miao Autonomous CountyPingxiang, GuangxiGuangxiYizhou

Question 9: ________, called Putonghua or Guoyu in Chinese, which is often also translated as "Mandarin" or simply "Chinese", belongs to this group.
Standard MandarinMandarin ChineseChinese languageCantonese (Yue)

Question 10: This is because modern linguistic theory only counts tones that are ________ distinct (i.e.
English orthographyPhonemeInternational Phonetic AlphabetPhonology


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