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Question 1:

Question 2: [18] Spock's Vulcan salute references a sacred hand position used by the ancient ________ priestly class.

Question 3: Spock (second name unpronounceable to humans and thus never revealed) is the son of Vulcan ambassador Sarek (originally played by Mark Lenard) and human ________ (originally played by Jane Wyatt).
List of Star Trek characters (A–F)Star Trek: The Next GenerationList of Star Trek characters (N–S)List of Star Trek characters (G–M)

Question 4: ________ named Spock one of the 50 greatest TV characters.
Better Homes and Gardens (magazine)Seventeen (magazine)TV GuideSmithsonian (magazine)

Question 5: However, Number One was dropped in developing the second pilot, "________" (1966).
Mudd's WomenThe Corbomite ManeuverCharlie XWhere No Man Has Gone Before

Question 6: [1][2] In the 2009 film Star Trek, Nimoy reprised his role alongside ________, who played a younger alternate-timeline version of the character.
Zachary QuintoCentral Catholic High School (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)Leonard NimoyPittsburgh

Question 7: Spock did not originally have the logical manner that would become associated with the character, this instead being a trait of the character Number One (________).
Star Trek (film)Majel BarrettGene RoddenberryStar Trek: The Original Series

Question 8: ________ was concerned about Spock's satanic appearance, and asked for the character to be dropped; according to Oscar Katz, NBC was worried that "the 'guy with the ears' would scare the shit out of every kid in America".
TelemundoNBCUniversal SportsShopNBC

Question 9: A Romulan captain, Nero (________), driven mad by the loss of his homeworld, pursued Spock's ship for revenge but both their crafts were pulled to the black hole.
Star Trek (film)Steven SpielbergMunich (film)Eric Bana

Question 10: [1] Spock's half-brother, ________ (Laurence Luckinbill), hijacks the Enterprise in Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (1989).
List of Star Trek characters (G–M)List of Star Trek characters (A–F)List of Star Trek characters (T–Z)List of Star Trek characters (N–S)

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