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Question 1: [6] It was released in United States theaters unrated rather than with the ________ it would have received for its explicit carnage.
Academy Award for Best PictureX-ratedEntertainment Software Rating BoardMotion picture rating system

Question 2: Its sequel, ________, became one of the most successful splatter films, both critically and commercially.
Comparison of Dawn of the Dead versionsNight of the Living DeadDay of the Dead (1985 film)Dawn of the Dead

Question 3: These comedic gore films have been dubbed "________", defined as physical comedy that involves evisceration.
Slasher filmZombie comedySplatter filmHorror film

Question 4: The first splatter film to truly popularize the genre was ________'s Night of the Living Dead (1968), the director's attempt to replicate the atmosphere and gore of EC's horror comics on film.
George A. RomeroTom SaviniGeorge A. Romero filmographyTwo Evil Eyes

Question 5: The Blair Witch Project' is similar to the 1980 film ________.
Ultime grida dalla savanaMondo CaneCannibal HolocaustSavana violenta

Question 6: Other noticeable and influential films from the period includes the French ________ (1959) and the Italian Black Sunday (1960)".
Head Against the WallThérèse Desqueyroux (film)Nuits RougesEyes Without a Face

Question 7: The term “splatter film” is often confused with “________”.
Slasher filmHorror fictionHorror filmDark fantasy

Question 8: As influential and profitable as it was, for many years Blood Feast remained little seen outside drive-in theaters in the ________.
Southern United StatesMidwestern United StatesNortheastern United StatesNew England

Question 9: Many ________ films, a subgenre of samurai movies, contain elements of splatter, where excessive amounts of blood spray from injuries.
Samurai cinemaJidaigekiToshirō MifuneAkira Kurosawa

Question 10: These resulted in the ________, which set standards for behavior depicted in Hollywood films and effectively censored gore out of mainstream cinema for almost fifty years.
EuphemismPrior restraintMotion Picture Production CodeHate speech

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