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Spirulina (dietary supplement): Quiz


Question 1: The Spirulina is harvested from small lakes and ponds around ________.
Dead SeaGreat Salt LakeLake TurkanaLake Chad

Question 2: Spirulina is a rich source of potassium, and also contains ________, chromium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, selenium, sodium, and zinc.

Question 3: ________ - an alga with potential food and fuel uses

Question 4: [10] The American Dietetic Association and Dietitians of Canada in their position paper on ________ diets state that spirulina can not be counted on as a reliable source of active vitamin B12.
VeganismPhysicians Committee for Responsible MedicineVegetarianismNo Compromise (magazine)

Question 5: Spirulina helps prevent heart damage caused by chemotherapy using ________, without interfering with its anti-tumor activity.

Question 6: The bioavailability of ________ in Spirulina is in dispute.
Vitamin B12CyanocobalaminMethylcobalaminHydroxocobalamin

Question 7: ________ postulated the development of algae-based food supplements (which he called "Amruss") in his 1961 short story, The Voice of the Dolphins.
Nuclear fissionLeó SzilárdEnrico FermiUranium

Question 8: Spirulina occurs naturally in tropical and subtropical lakes with high pH and high concentrations of ________ and bicarbonate.
Carbon dioxideCarbonateBeryllium carbonateCalcium carbonate

Question 9: Spirulina has been proposed by both NASA (CELSS)[32] and the ________ (MELISSA)[33] as one of the primary foods to be cultivated during long-term space missions.
Italian Space AgencySpace RaceCNESEuropean Space Agency

Question 10: The largest commercial producers of spirulina are located in the United States, Thailand, India, Taiwan, China, Pakistan and ________ (a.k.a.

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