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Spiro Mounds: Quiz


Question 1: These include Cahokia in Illinois, Etowah and Ocmulgee in Georgia, and Moundville in ________.

Question 2: The modern languages in the Caddoan family include ________ and Pawnee.
CaddoCaddoan Mississippian cultureQuapawKadohadacho

Question 3: Chunkey was a game which was continued to be played in historic times by ________, Choctaw, Chickasaw, and other Southeastern tribes.
Cherokee historyOcmulgee National MonumentMuscogee (Creek)Cherokee

Question 4: Spiro's location on the ________, one of the Mississippi's principal tributaries, gave it access to the Mississippian heartland hundreds of miles away.
New MexicoColoradoArkansas RiverOklahoma

Question 5: Archaeologists have identified four distinct styles: the Braden Style characteristic of artifacts brought from ________; and the Craig A, B, and C styles, which are local derivatives of the Braden Style.
Aztalan State ParkMoundville Archaeological SiteKincaid Mounds State Historic SiteCahokia

Question 6: Piasa________Three Sisters agricultureThunderbirdUnderwater panther
Spiro MoundsBlack drinkSoutheastern Ceremonial ComplexMississippian culture

Question 7: Similar beings were the subject of myth in historic times among the Micmac, Huron, Kickapoo, Cherokee, ________, and other Native American tribes.
Caddoan Mississippian cultureQuapawCaddoKadohadacho

Question 8: In economic terms, Spiro seems to have been a gateway town that funneled valuable resources from the ________ and other regions to the west, to the main Mississippian ceremonial centers farther east.
Southern United StatesGreat PlainsWestern United StatesMidwestern United States

Question 9: Johns – Steed-KiskerTchefuncte________
Mississippian cultureSt. Johns cultureTocobagaMuscogee (Creek)

Question 10: Spiro Mounds' ceremonial objects are among the finest examples of ________ art in North America.
Indigenous Amerindian geneticsKennewick ManPaleo-IndiansPre-Columbian era


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