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Question 1: In insects, the tracheal tubes primarily deliver ________ directly into the animals' tissues.

Question 2: The closer muscle is controlled by the ________ but can also react to localized chemical stimuli.
White matterNeuronGrey matterCentral nervous system

Question 3: ________ and some more advanced spiders have spiracles on their exoskeletons to allow air to enter the trachea (Solomon et al., 2002).

Question 4: In elasmobranchs (sharks and rays), a spiracle is found behind each ________, and is often used to pump water through the gills while the animal is at rest (Fouts, 2003).
EyeBrainSensory systemNervous system

Question 5: In these groups the respiration is more reminiscent of ________.
LungImmune systemRespiratory systemDigestion

Question 6: Spiracles are small openings on the surface of some ________ that usually lead to respiratory systems.


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