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Spira (Final Fantasy): Quiz


Question 1: The game builds on mythological figures through the inclusion of the aeons (see list of aeons), such as the Arabic Ifrit, the ________ deity Shiva and even the Jungian figure Anima and the demon Valefor.

Question 2: Lastly, Yevon has a number of acolytes, similar to ________, laypersons or nuns.
DeaconStole (vestment)BishopPriest

Question 3: Below the priests are the summoners (召喚士 shōkanshi ?), a position that is something of a cross between a saint and a ________.
HimikoMikoEmperor SuininShinto

Question 4: The population of Spira is largely ________, with the majority of its inhabitants living in major town centers.
ChicagoUrbanizationUnited StatesNew town

Question 5: For his part, Nomura identified the South Pacific, Thailand, and ________ as major influences on the cultural and geographic design of Spira, particularly in regard to the geographic locations of Besaid and Kilika.
United KingdomJapanCanadaCambodia

Question 6: The Moonflow is a large river running through the heart of Spira, featuring shoopuff rides, ancient ruins, and a high density of ________.
Final Fantasy XSpira (Final Fantasy)Final Fantasy X-2Final Fantasy

Question 7: ________ do not have any overwhelming skill in magic or in fighting, but are suited to fit into whatever role they are needed in.
Human evolutionHumanMindHomo

Question 8: They are loosely similar to the Catholic church's ________.
Vatican CitySwiss GuardPopePope John Paul II

Question 9: [3] Conveniently, character designer ________ had expressed an interest in designing a world with a dominantly Asian theme, and thus, the world of Spira was born in the minds of its creators.
Final Fantasy VIIKingdom HeartsTetsuya NomuraFinal Fantasy

Question 10: As for Anima, she was ________'s mother before sacrificing herself to become the fayth for his Aeon and can be found at Baaj Temple.
Characters of Final Fantasy X and X-2TidusFinal Fantasy X-2Characters of Kingdom Hearts


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