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Spinosad: Quiz


Question 1: Spinosad has since been formulated into insecticides that combine the efficacy of a synthetic insecticide with the benefits of a ________ organism.
AphidBeetleBiological pest controlPredation

Question 2: Spinosad shows low toxicity when ingested by mammals (male rat ________ = 3738 mg/kg) and no additional adverse effects from chronic exposure.
PsychopharmacologyPharmacologyMedian lethal doseBiological half-life

Question 3: Spinosad kills susceptible species by causing rapid excitation of the insect ________.
Sensory systemAlzheimer's diseaseNervous systemIntracranial pressure

Question 4: Spinosad (spinosyn A and spinosyn D) are a new chemical class of insecticides that are registered by the ________ (EPA) to control a variety of insects.
OklahomaFloridaColoradoUnited States Environmental Protection Agency

Question 5: It is used to control a variety of insect pests, including fruit flies, ________, leafminers, thrips, sawflies, spider mites, fire ants, and leaf beetle larvae.
ButterflyGeometer mothCaterpillarLepidoptera

Question 6: Spinosad does not significantly affect beneficial organisms including ladybugs, ________, minute pirate bugs, and predatory mites.

Question 7: Spinosad is recommended for use in an ________ program for commercial greenhouses since it will not harm most beneficial insects or predatory mites.
Integrated pest managementBiological pest controlOrganic farmingPesticide

Question 8: Its soil absorption is moderately strong and it degrades rapidly in the environment primarily through ________.

Question 9: Entrust is approved for use on ________ certified organic produce.
National Agricultural Statistics ServiceEconomic Research ServiceUnited States Department of AgricultureUnited States Department of the Interior


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