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Spinning mule: Quiz


Question 1: Before the 1770s, textile production was a ________ using flax and wool.
WeavingIndustrial RevolutionSpinning (textiles)Putting-out system

Question 2: ________
Textile industryWeavingTextile manufacturingTextile manufacture during the Industrial Revolution

Question 3: Samuel Crompton could not afford to ________ his invention.
PatentPatent applicationPatent infringementSoftware patent

Question 4: The mule produced strong, thin yarn, suitable for any kind of ________.
Textile printingWeavingSilkTextile

Question 5: It was first used to spin ________, then other fibres.

Question 6: The hand operated mule was a breakthrough in yarn production and the machines were copied by Samuel Slater who founded the cotton industry in ________.
MaineRhode IslandMassachusettsConnecticut

Question 7: Cotton and iron were leading sectors in the ________.
Thomas HighsIndustrial RevolutionTextile manufacture during the Industrial RevolutionWilliam Radcliffe

Question 8: Some spinners and handloom weavers opposed the perceived threat to their livelihood: there were frame-breaking riots and, in 1811-3, the ________ riots.
LudditeCottonGeorge Gordon Byron, 6th Baron ByronIndustrial Revolution

Question 9: In a typical house, the girls and women could make enough yarn for the man's ________.
WeavingPower loomLoomLancashire Loom


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