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Spinet: Quiz


Question 1: Thus, for example, when ________ invented a new kind of virginals in 1688, he called it the "spinetta ovale", "oval spinet".
SpinettoneBartolomeo CristoforiPianoItaly

Question 2: The jacks (which pluck the strings (see ________)) are arranged in pairs as well, placed in the wider gap.
VirginalsConcertoBaroque musicHarpsichord

Question 3: A dumb spinet is a manichord or "________ or clarichord," according to the 1913 edition of Webster's Dictionary.
Johann Sebastian BachBaroque musicClavichordPipe organ

Question 4: Spinet derives from the Italian spinetta, which in 17th century Italian was a word used generally for all quilled instruments, especially what in ________/Jacobean English is called a virginals.
Tudor periodElizabethan eraEnglandEnglish Reformation

Question 5: The instrument was initially a success, being the only kind of piano that many people could afford in the depths of the ________.
United StatesRepublican Party (United States)Federal Reserve SystemGreat Depression

Question 6: The spinettone incorporated multiple choirs of strings, with a disposition of 1 x 8', 1 x 4', and used the same ingenious mechanism for changing stops that Cristofori had earlier used for his ________.
Bartolomeo CristoforiPianoOval spinetVirginals

Question 7: The spinet was later developed into the spinettone ("big spinet") by ________ (1655-1731), the inventor of the piano.
Oval spinetItalyFerdinando de' Medici, Grand Prince of TuscanyBartolomeo Cristofori

Question 8: A spinet is a smaller type of ________ or other keyboard instrument, such as a piano or organ.
ConcertoVirginalsBaroque musicHarpsichord

Question 9: Thus spinets normally had a slightly different tone quality, with fewer higher ________.
OctavePerfect fourthHarmonicUnison

Question 10: The ________ (pay site on-line, and in many libraries) offers detailed coverage of the harpsichord spinet; see under "Spinet".
Igor StravinskyGrove Dictionary of Music and MusiciansAnne MidgetteNew Grove Dictionary of Opera


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