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Spina bifida: Quiz


Question 1: Blaine Harrison,[26] of the British band ________
Larrikin LoveTwenty One (Mystery Jets album)BabyshamblesMystery Jets

Question 2: Neural tube defects can usually be detected during pregnancy by testing the mother's blood (________) or a detailed fetal ultrasound.
Prostate-specific antigenCD30SynaptophysinAlpha-fetoprotein

Question 3: Jean Driscoll, Olympian and eight-time ________ winner
New York City MarathonChicago MarathonBerlin MarathonBoston Marathon

Question 4: Normally the closure of the neural tube occurs around 28 days after ________.
EmbryoPrenatal developmentHuman embryogenesisFertilisation

Question 5: Studies show that a woman who has had one child with a neural tube defect such as spina bifida, have about a three percent risk of having another child with a ________.
HydrocephalusAnencephalyDandy-Walker syndromeNeural tube defect

Question 6: ________, US country music singer
Bob DylanElvis PresleyHank WilliamsHank Williams, Jr.

Question 7: Bobby Steele, US ________ guitarist and songwriter
Punk rock subgenresRock musicHardcore punkPunk rock

Question 8: In some individuals this causes significant traction on the spinal cord and can lead to a worsening of the paralysis, ________, back pain, or worsening bowel and/or bladder function.

Question 9: In addition, a shunt may be surgically installed to provide a continuous drain for the cerebrospinal fluid produced in the brain, as happens with ________.
SyringomyeliaCentral nervous system cystPorencephalyHydrocephalus

Question 10: Genetic counseling and further ________, such as amniocentesis, may be offered during the pregnancy as some neural tube defects are associated with genetic disorders such as trisomy 18.
Genetic discriminationGenetic testingCancerDNA


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