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Spider silk: Quiz


Question 1: Many species of spider have different glands to produce silk for different jobs, such as housing and web construction, defense, capturing and detaining ________, or mobility.
Apex predatorPredationHerbivoreCarnivore

Question 2: The valve is believed to assist in rejoining broken fibers, acting much in the way of a ________.
Progressive cavity pumpTurbinePeristaltic pumpPiston

Question 3: Spiders in Space - ________ article and database information on the research of spiders in space.
Space RaceHuman spaceflightSpace explorationNASA

Question 4: Some fishermen in the Indo-Pacific ocean use the web of ________ to catch small fish.
SpiderArachnidGolden silk orb-weaverArgiope (spider)

Question 5: Spider silk is as strong as many industrial fibers (see ________ for common comparisons).
AluminiumYield (engineering)Young's modulusTensile strength

Question 6: In 2000, Nexia, a Canadian ________ company, was successful in producing spider silk protein in transgenic goats.

Question 7: The silk of Nephila clavipes has recently been used to help in mammalian ________ regeneration.
Photoreceptor cellNeuronGlial cellNervous system

Question 8: Compared with ________, spiders are aggressive and will eat one another, making it inadvisable to keep many spiders together in the same space.
Bombyx moriLepidopteraInsectBombyx mandarina

Question 9: It is a 11-by-4-foot (3.4 by 1.2 m) textile with a golden tint that has been made in ________ in 2009.
Saint HelenaMozambiqueMadagascarMaldives

Question 10: The beginning of the gland is rich in ________ and tyrosine groups.


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