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Question 1: Two fighting spiders of approximately equal size and weight are placed at opposite ends of a ________ skewer

Question 2: The ________ police provincial director issued an order warning residents of participating in a form of illegal gambling.
Cagayan de Oro CityCebu CityBacolod CityIloilo City

Question 3: The spider derby is treated as a threat to public morals in ________ province.
Bacolod CityNegros OccidentalManilaPhilippines

Question 4: Spider fighting (Hiligaynon: pahibag sang damang; Cebuano: paaway kaka) is a popular blood sport among ________ Filipino children.
AustraliaUnited States Census BureauRural areaUnited States

Question 5: Bets as high as P50,000 (US$900) were being placed in Aidsisa, ________.
Himamaylan CityBacolod CitySan Carlos City, Negros OccidentalSilay City

Question 6: One species used for spider derbies in ________ is Thiania bhamoensis, a jumping spider, also called the "Fighting spider".

Question 7: The game begins by placing two spiders at opposite ends of a stick from a walis ting-ting (a broom made from the midribs of ________ leaves).

Question 8: Slim, black spiders from ________ or tamarind trees are also prized as fighters.
TomatoUnited StatesPomegranateGuava

Question 9: Adults also play the sport but in a way similar to ________.
CockfightChickenUnited StatesRooster

Question 10: [1] Top fighters can fetch up to 100 pesos (________ 2), making the sport lucrative for children.
Federal Reserve SystemUnited StatesUnited States dollarHawaii


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