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Question 1: [2] On ________, the film had an average score of 83 out of 100, based on 35 reviews.
Download.comMetacriticCBS CorporationGameSpot

Question 2: On the review aggregator ________, 85% of critics gave the film positive reviews, based on 126 reviews.
Rotten TomatoesLos AngelesToy StoryNews Corporation

Question 3: Central themes of the film include ________ and the unreliability thereof.
MemoryKC (patient)Cognitive psychologyNeuropsychology

Question 4: The stars of the film, Ralph Fiennes and particularly ________, received several awards for their work in the film.
Miranda RichardsonKathy BatesCherVanessa Redgrave

Question 5: Spider is an exploration of a schizophrenic ________ told through the eyes of a son who watches his father murder his mother and replace her with his mistress.
Gottfried LeibnizMonismMindAristotle

Question 6: Spider is a 2002 psychological thriller directed by ________ and based on the novel of the same name by Patrick McGrath, who also wrote the screenplay.
David CronenbergDead Ringers (film)Crash (1996 film)Scanners

Question 7: The film premiered at the ________[1] and enjoyed some media buzz; however, it was released in only a few theaters at the year's end by distributor Sony Pictures Classics.
2002 Cannes Film Festival2005 Cannes Film Festival2007 Cannes Film Festival2006 Cannes Film Festival

Question 8: ________ as Dennis "Spider" Cleg
Ralph FiennesJeremy IronsChristopher PlummerIan McKellen

Question 9: ________ as Bill Cleg (Dennis' father)
Gabriel ByrneDavid DuchovnyBrendan GleesonMartin Sheen


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