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Question 1:
Which of the following titles did Sphygmomanometer have?
A Pocketful of Steele
Pocket sphygmomanometer
Porous Pockets
Lucky Star Pocket Travelers

Question 2: In humans, the cuff is normally placed smoothly and snugly around an upper ________, at roughly the same vertical height as the heart while the subject is seated with the arm supported.
ForearmUpper limbArmShoulder

Question 3: Listening with a ________ to the brachial artery at the elbow, the examiner slowly releases the pressure in the cuff.
Health care systemSphygmomanometerHospitalStethoscope

Question 4: Digital oscillometric monitors are also confronted with "special conditions" for which they are not designed to be used: arteriosclerosis; ________; preeclampsia; pulsus alternans; and pulsus paradoxus.
Supraventricular tachycardiaCardiac dysrhythmiaAtrial fibrillationMyocardial infarction

Question 5: The pressure at which this sound began is noted and recorded as the ________.
Blood pressureVasodilationRenin-angiotensin systemCirculatory system

Question 6: The peak pressure in the arteries during the ________ is the systolic pressure, and the lowest pressure (at the resting phase of the cardiac cycle) is the diastolic pressure.
Cardiac action potentialSystole (medicine)Circulatory systemCardiac cycle

Question 7: The cuff is inflated until the ________ is completely occluded.
ArterySystemic circulationArterial treeBlood vessel

Question 8: The word comes from the Greek sphygmós (pulse), plus the scientific term ________ (pressure meter).
Measuring instrumentPressure measurementPascal (unit)Vacuum

Question 9: Digital portable ________ blood pressure monitors with automatic inflation.

Question 10: Manual sphygmomanometers are used in conjunction with a ________.
StethoscopeHospitalHealth careHealth care system


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