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Sphenosuchia: Quiz


Question 1: [1] The youngest sphenosuchian, Macelognathus, is known from the Late Jurassic of North America during the ________, (155 - 150 Ma).
KimmeridgianCallovianOxfordian (stage)Tithonian

Question 2: Only one sphenosuchian is currently known from the Middle Jurassic, Junggarsuchus, from the Junggar Basin (Shishugou Formation) of China during either the ________ or the Callovian (~165 MA) in age.
KimmeridgianBajocianOxfordian (stage)Bathonian

Question 3: Hesperosuchus) in the Lower Petrified Forest member of the Chinle Formation, these specimens are ________ in age.
NorianGeologic time scaleCarnianLadinian

Question 4: The monophyly of the group is debated, although several synapomorphies characterize the clade, including extremely slender limbs, a compact ________ and an elongate coracoid process.
UlnaPisiform boneUpper limbCarpus


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