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Spermatophyte: Quiz


Question 1:
What period does the fossils of the Spermatophyte come from?
Late Pliocene - Late Pleistocene
Late Atdabanian
Devonian? or earlier to recent
late Miocene

Question 2: Ginkgo, a single living species of ________,

Question 3: gnetophytes, woody plants in the genera Gnetum, ________, and Ephedra, and
Kingdom (biology)SpeciesWelwitschiaBiological classification

Question 4: ________, a subtropical and tropical group of plants with a large crown of compound leaves and a stout trunk,
MossFlowering plantFernCycad

Question 5: ________ was the most prominent tree genus in the ancient southern supercontinent of Gondwana during the Permian period.
PlantAntarcticaFlowering plantGlossopteris

Question 6: ________, the flowering plants, a large group including many familiar plants in a wide variety of habitats.
GymnospermFlowering plantFernEmbryophyte

Question 7: However, molecular studies (and some more recent morphological[2] and fossil[3] papers) have generally shown a ________ of gymnosperms, with the gnetophytes in or near the conifers.
PhylogeneticsCladeGhost lineageComputational phylogenetics

Question 8: In addition to the taxa listed above, the fossil record contains evidence of many ________ taxa of seed plants.
ExtinctionConservation biologyEvolutionHolocene extinction

Question 9: ________, cone-bearing trees and shrubs,
GymnospermPlantFlowering plantPinophyta

Question 10: By the Triassic period, seed ferns had declined in ecological importance, and representatives of modern gymnosperm groups were abundant and dominant through the end of the ________, when angiosperms radiated.
Geologic time scaleDinosaurCretaceous–Tertiary extinction eventCretaceous

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