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Spermatheca: Quiz


Question 1: [1] Its purpose is to receive and store sperm from the male, and can sometimes be the site of fertilization when the ________ are ready.
CentrosomeMeiosisOocyteImmature ovum

Question 2: The spermatheca (plural spermathecae) is an organ of the female reproductive tract in ________, some molluscs, oligochaeta worms and certain other invertebrates and vertebrates.

Question 3: An apiculturist may examine the spermatheca of a ________ to find out whether it has received sperm from a male.
European honey beeHoneyQueen beeHoney bee

Question 4: They are lined with ________ and are variable in shape; some are thin, heavily coiled tubes, others are vague outpocketings from the main reproductive tract.
MicrovillusHistologyEpitheliumStratified squamous epithelium


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