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Spencer repeating rifle: Quiz


Question 1: However, Christopher Spencer was eventually able to gain an audience with President ________, who subsequently invited him to a shooting match and demonstration of the weapon.
Ulysses S. GrantGerald FordAbraham LincolnAndrew Johnson

Question 2: The Spencer repeating rifle was a manually operated ________, repeating rifle fed from a tube magazine with cartridges.
Winchester rifleLever-actionCartridge (firearms)Caliber

Question 3: Cartridges were loaded with 45 grains (2.9 g) of ________.
GunpowderEnglandEarly Modern warfareCannon

Question 4: It was adopted by the Union Army, especially by the cavalry, during the ________, but did not replace the standard issue muzzle-loading rifled muskets in use at the time.
Bleeding KansasTennesseeUnited StatesAmerican Civil War

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