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Question 1: A rotation sensor, usually mounted on the rear of the transmission, delivers a series of electronic pulses whose frequency corresponds to the rotational speed of the ________.
Drive shaftAutomobile layoutDifferential (mechanical device)Transmission (mechanics)

Question 2: The return spring is ________ such that a given revolution speed of the cable corresponds to a specific speed indication on the speedometer.
MetrologyCalibrationMicrophoneCertified reference materials

Question 3: ________ member states must also grant type approval to vehicles meeting similar EU standards.
DenmarkEuropean UnionGermanyEuropean Parliament

Question 4: The ________ speedometer has been used for over a century and is still in widespread use.
Maxwell's equationsElectromotive forceElectromagnetismEddy current

Question 5: ________ devices are capable of showing speed readings based on how far the receiver has moved since the last measurement (a second ago).
Inertial navigation systemGlobal Positioning SystemF-15 EagleCompass

Question 6: Pulse counts may also be used to increment the ________.

Question 7: Nearly all tires now have their size shown as "T/A_W" on the side of the tire (See: ________), and the tire's
AutomobileTire codePorscheGovernor (device)

Question 8: The GPS software may also use a ________ calculation to reduce error.
Moving averageExperimentCorrelogramGeometric mean

Question 9: As of 1997, Federal standards in the ________ allowed a maximum 5% error on speedometer readings.
United StatesPhilippinesAlaskaCanada

Question 10: This calibration must take into account several factors, including ratios of the tailshaft gears that drive the flexible cable, the final drive ratio in the differential, and the diameter of the driven ________.
TireParking brakeAutomobileAirbag


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