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Question 1: Speedo resumed production after the war and became a publicly traded ________ in 1951.
Corporate lawCompanyCorporationCompanies law

Question 2: The designs employ new fabrics that the company claims will reduce resistance in the water by replicating biological skin characteristics of various marine animals such as ________.
Bullhead sharkAngel sharkSharkGreat white shark

Question 3: The company was founded in 1914 by hosiery manufacturer Alexander MacRae, who migrated from ________ to Australia in 1910, as McRae Hosiery Manufacturers, then MacRae Knitting Mills[2] in an effort to expand his company into swimwear.
EnglandWalesUnited KingdomScotland

Question 4: The company is currently the world's largest-selling swimwear ________ and manufactures products for both recreational and competitive swimming.
Brand managementProduct placementBrandAdvertising

Question 5: In 1955, Speedo introduced ________ into its fabric for competitive swimwear.

Question 6: During World War II the manufacturer shifted nearly all of its production to war materials such as ________.
MalariaDengue feverInsect repellentMosquito net

Question 7: The company was started by Alexander MacRae under the name of MacRae Hosiery Manufacturers in Bondi Beach, an eastern suburb of ________, Australia.
BrisbaneStadium AustraliaSydneyMelbourne

Question 8: The ________ in Melbourne saw the widespread debut of the new fabric and the introduction of the style of mens briefs that has become associated with the brand.
Field hockey at the 1956 Summer Olympics1968 Summer Olympics1956 Summer OlympicsBaseball at the 1956 Summer Olympics

Question 9: [7] This was the focus of Speedo's campaign for the Beijing Olympics, spearheaded by ________ of the U.S., recent winner of eight Olympic Gold Medals.
Michael PhelpsKlete KellerMark SpitzRyan Lochte

Question 10: Today the company is headquartered in ________, England, and is owned by the London-based Pentland Group.

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