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Speed: Quiz


Question 1:
Who played Scottish Laddie the movie Speed?
Keanu Reeves
Charles Hutchison
Andy Muxlow
Frank Eastman

Question 2:
What role did Dennis Hopper play in the movie Speed?
Howard Payne
Police man #1
Siddharth Verma

Question 3:
Who played Sandeep 'Sandy' Arora the movie Speed?
Al St. John
Zayed Khan
Lee Brock
Arthur Rankin

Question 4:
What role did Aftab Shivdasani play in the movie Speed?
Kabir Khan
Edwin Stansbury
Mr. Dean

Question 5:
Who played Det. Harold 'Harry' Temple the movie Speed?
Monty Cox
David Holt
Charles Hutchison
Jeff Daniels

Question 6:
What role did Frank Dent play in the movie Speed?
Sandeep 'Sandy' Arora

Question 7: ________ on Earth: 11.2 km/s; 40,000 km/h; 25,000 mph
Solar SystemGravity assistEscape velocityMoon

Question 8:
Who played Sanjana the movie Speed?
Una Merkel
Lucy Fox
Tanushree Dutta
Marjorie Beebe

Question 9:
What role did Sanjay Suri play in the movie Speed?
Speed Stansbury
Siddharth Verma
Angry Kid

Question 10:
What role did Omri Katz play in the movie Speed?
Sandeep 'Sandy' Arora
Det. Harold 'Harry' Temple
Edwin Stansbury
Scottish Laddie

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