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Question 1: In ordinary fluent ________ people pronounce each second roughly four syllables, ten or twelve phonemes and two to three words out of a vocabulary that can contain 10 to 100 thousand words.
ConversationDialogueSmall talk (phatic communication)Benjamin Franklin

Question 2: This process involves such processes as the generation of a syntactic frame, and phonological encoding which specifies the ________ form of the intended utterance.
LinguisticsPhonologyMorphology (linguistics)Phonetics

Question 3: The first is the processes of ________ in which the intention to create speech links a desired concept to a particular spoken word to be expressed.
ConceptGilbert RyleHenri BergsonGottfried Leibniz

Question 4: Speech production can be spontaneous such as when a person creates the words of a ________, reaction such as when they name a picture or read aloud a written word, or a vocal imitation such as in speech repetition.
Small talk (phatic communication)DialogueConversationBenjamin Franklin

Question 5: Speech production is not the same as language production since ________ can also be produced manually by signs.

Question 6: Speech production is the process by which spoken words are selected to be produced, have their ________ formulated and then finally are articulated by the motor system in the vocal apparatus.
LinguisticsPhonologyPhoneticsMorphology (linguistics)

Question 7: Normally speech is created with pulmonary pressure provided by the lungs that generates sound by phonation in the glottis in the larynx that then is modified by the vocal tract into different vowels and ________.
ConsonantVelar consonantAlveolar consonantPalatal consonant


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