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Question 1: These are especially duration of deafness prior to implantation, age of onset of deafness, age at implantation (such age affects may be related to the ________) and the duration of using an implant.
Second language acquisitionCritical period hypothesisPsycholinguisticsLinguistics

Question 2: Some of the earliest work in the study of how humans perceive speech sounds was conducted by Alvin Liberman and his colleagues at ________.
Donald ShankweilerMichael Studdert-KennedyPhilip RubinHaskins Laboratories

Question 3:
Speech perception, Dunning–Kruger effect and Motivation are all:
Hearing Auditory perception Cognition Phonetics

Question 4: The study of speech perception is closely linked to the fields of phonetics and phonology in linguistics and ________ and perception in psychology.
MemoryCognitive neuropsychologyNeuropsychologyCognitive psychology

Question 5: Listeners with aphasia. ________ affects both the expression and reception of language.
Receptive aphasiaExpressive aphasiaAphasiaNominal aphasia

Question 6: A large amount of research studies focus on how users of a language perceive foreign speech (referred to as cross-language speech perception) or ________ speech (second-language speech perception).
French languageGerman languageSecond languageMultilingualism

Question 7: [17] Some researchers have proposed that infants may be able to learn the sound categories of their native language through passive listening, using a process called ________.
Artificial intelligenceMachine learningStatistical classificationPattern recognition

Question 8: Based on these results, they proposed the notion of ________ as a mechanism by which humans are able to identify speech sounds.
Categorical perceptionLearningVowelSpeech perception

Question 9:
Speech perception, Vowel and Phonetics are all:
Auditory perception Phonetics Cognition Hearing

Question 10: Other cues differentiate sounds that are produced at different places of articulation or ________.
Stop consonantManner of articulationConsonantVowel


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