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Speech disorder: Quiz


Question 1: The cause of dysprosody is usually associated with neurological pathologies such as brain vascular accidents, cranioencephalic traumatisms, and ________.
Malignant brain tumorNervous system neoplasmICD-10 Chapter II: NeoplasmsBrain tumor

Question 2: ________
VideophoneWebcamVideoconferencingList of video telecommunication services and product brands

Question 3: Voice disorders are impairments, often physical, that involve the function of the ________ or vocal resonance.
Respiratory systemThyroidLarynxDigestion

Question 4: Dysarthria is often cause by strokes, parkinsons disease, ALS, head or neck injuries, surgical accident, or ________.
Hereditary spastic paraplegiaCerebral palsySpastic diplegiaHemiplegia

Question 5: Other treatments include correction of organic conditions and ________[5].
Integrative psychotherapyPsychotherapyFamily therapyCognitive behavioral therapy

Question 6: The bullying can result in decreased ________.
Social rejectionSelf-esteemRelational aggressionPsychological manipulation

Question 7: Many of these types of disorders can be treated by ________, but others require medical attention by a doctor in phoniatrics.
Speech and language pathologyPhysical therapyDietitianPsychology

Question 8: ________ is the rarest neurological speech disorder.
DyslexiaIdeomotor apraxiaDysprosodyAphasia

Question 9: ________, a speech disorder that has similarities to stuttering.
Asperger syndromeAphasiaAlzheimer's diseaseCluttering

Question 10: Those with a speech disorder can be targets of ________ because of their disorder.
Workplace bullyingIntimidationRelational aggressionBullying


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