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Speech and language pathology: Quiz


Question 1: Speech and language therapists also work closely with the client, parents and caregivers and other professionals, such as audiologists, teachers, nurses, ________ and doctors.
DietitianRadiologic technologistPharmacyEmergency medical services

Question 2:
  • speech (i.e., ________, articulation, fluency, resonance, and voice including aeromechanical components of respiration);
    Modal voicePhonationVoicelessVoice (phonetics)

Question 3: Some now work in courtrooms, ________ and young offenders' institutions.
United KingdomCapital punishmentPrisonUnited States

Question 4: Establishing ________ (AAC) techniques and strategies including developing, selecting, and prescribing of such systems and devices (e.g., speech generating devices.)
Alzheimer's diseaseAugmentative and alternative communicationCerebral palsyParkinson's disease

Question 5: specific difficulties in producing sounds (including ________ and lisps)
Alveolar trillRetroflex flapRetroflex approximantR-colored vowel

Question 6: Registration is only required in the state of ________, and membership of the professional organization is optional, although it is encouraged.
QueenslandNew South WalesAustraliaNorthern Territory

Question 7: SLTs/SLPs work closely with others involved with the client, for example difficulties with eating and drinking may also involve an ________.
Mental health counselorOccupational therapyPsychotherapyOccupational therapist

Question 8: Autism spectrum disorders, including ________
Pervasive developmental disorderAsperger syndromeTourette syndromeRett syndrome

Question 9: Speech therapy may also include sign language and the use of picture symbols or ________ (AAC) (Diehl 2003).
Alzheimer's diseaseParkinson's diseaseAugmentative and alternative communicationCerebral palsy

Question 10: Speech and language therapists work in community health centres, hospital wards and outpatient departments, mainstream and special schools, further education ________, day centers and in their clients' homes.
Public school (government funded)CollegeUniversityGymnasium (school)


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