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Question 1: If the light is propagating in a material with a higher ________ than the material whose surface it strikes, then total internal reflection may occur (if the angle of incidence is greater than a certain critical angle).
OpticsDispersion (optics)MetamaterialRefractive index

Question 2: ________, a device designed for specular reflection

Question 3: out of the surface.) Assuming these ________ are represented in column form, we may express the equation equivalently as a matrix-vector multiplication:
Dot productVector spaceEuclidean vectorCross product

Question 4: ________ which describe the behavior of light when moving between media of differing refractive indices.
Fresnel equationsAnti-reflective coatingRefractive indexSpecular reflection

Question 5: Examples include acoustic mirrors, which reflect sound, and atomic mirrors, which reflect neutral ________.

Question 6: The most familiar example of the distinction between specular and diffuse reflection would be glossy and matte ________.

Question 7: This behavior was first discovered through careful observation and measurement by ________ (c.
PtolemyHero of AlexandriaDiophantusArchimedes

Question 8: Usually, the term specular reflection refers to visible light; however the term is also widely used for other ________.
Classical electromagnetismMaxwell's equationsElectromagnetismElectromagnetic radiation

Question 9: For the efficient reflection of atoms from a solid-state mirror, very cold atoms and/or grazing incidence are used in order to provide significant ________; ridged mirrors are used to enhance the specular reflection of atoms.
Atomic de Broglie microscopeAtomic mirrorQuantum reflectionAtom optics

Question 10: Specular reflection is the ________-like reflection of light (or sometimes other kinds of wave) from a surface, in which light from a single incoming direction (a ray) is reflected into a single outgoing direction.


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