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Spectroscopy: Quiz


Question 1: It is often used in connection with ________.
GoldScanning electron microscopeElectron microscopeTransmission electron microscopy

Question 2: Absorption occurs when the energy of the ________ matches the energy difference between two states of the material.
ElectronPhotonAtomStandard Model

Question 3: Inelastic neutron scattering is similar to Raman spectroscopy, but uses ________ instead of photons.

Question 4: Cure monitoring of composites using ________
Optical fiberTransparency and translucencyOpticsGlass

Question 5: Nearly all infrared spectroscopy techniques (such as FTIR) and nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) are based on ________.
Fourier analysisConvolutionHilbert spaceFourier transform

Question 6: A further extension of the scope of the definition added energy (E) as a variable, once the very close relationship E = for photons was realized (h is the ________).
Wave–particle dualityQuantum mechanicsPlanck unitsPlanck constant

Question 7: Spectroscopy links at the ________
Life (magazine)Jim BarksdaleOpen Directory ProjectTime Warner

Question 8: In this case, the instrument that performs such measurements is a ________, spectrophotometer, or spectrograph.

Question 9: Common fuel gases used are ________ (ethyne) or hydrogen.

Question 10: Molecular luminescence techniques include ________.
Fluorescence spectroscopyFluorescenceTryptophanSurfactant

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