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Specimens of Tyrannosaurus: Quiz


Question 1: It is now on exhibit at the Museum of the Rockies in ________.
Billings, MontanaMissoula, MontanaBozeman, MontanaLivingston, Montana

Question 2: Christman, the scene was to depict a rearing Tyrannosaurus (AMNH 5027) snapping at another cowering one (AMNH 973), as they fought over the remains of a hadrosaur, described at the time as ________:

Question 3: Susan Hendrickson of the Black Hills Institute discovered the best-preserved Tyrannosaurus currently known, in the Hell Creek Formation near ________, on August 12, 1990.
Sturgis, South DakotaFaith, South DakotaBlackhawk, South DakotaBox Elder, South Dakota

Question 4: The structures bear resemblance to ________ blood cells and vessels.

Question 5: See ________ for more information on the genus itself.

Question 6: Flexible, bifurcating blood vessels and fibrous but elastic ________ matrix tissue were recognized.
Human skeletonHead and neck anatomyHuman skullBone

Question 7: The land on which the fossil was discovered was found to lie within the ________ and is occupied by the family of Maurice Williams, a Native American of the Sioux tribe.
Dewey County, South DakotaSouth DakotaCheyenne River Indian ReservationEagle Butte, South Dakota

Question 8: The fossil, as well as many thousands of pages of field notes and business records, were confiscated by the ________ in 1992 and held throughout the ensuing court proceedings.
National Security AgencyCentral Intelligence AgencyDefense Intelligence AgencyFederal Bureau of Investigation

Question 9: In 1992, Williams claimed he still owned the fossil, for which the Black Hills Institute had paid him ________ 5,000.
United States dollarFederal Reserve SystemUnited StatesHawaii


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