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Question 1: ________ may also affect values, depending upon the bulk modulus of the material, but has a less significant effect than other factors.
Pressure measurementPressureTemperatureForce

Question 2: The terms specific gravity, and less often specific weight, are also used for ________.
AluminiumKilogramSurface tensionRelative density

Question 3: Specific weight can be used in ________ to determine the weight of a structure designed to carry certain loads while remaining intact and remaining within limits regarding deformation.
Aerospace engineeringEntertainment engineeringMechanical engineeringElectrical engineering

Question 4: A significant influence upon the value of specific gravity is the ________ of the material.
TemperatureThermodynamic temperatureLightningWater vapor

Question 5: The specific weight (also known as the unit weight) is the ________ per unit volume of a material.
WeightMassEarth's gravityForce

Question 6: A commonly used value is the specific weight of water on ________ at 5°C which is 62.43 lbf/ft3 or 9807 N/m3.

Question 7: In ________, specific weight represents the force exerted by gravity on a unit volume of a fluid.
ViscosityContinuum mechanicsFluid mechanicsFluid dynamics


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