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Question 1: In the field of ________, the degree is typically an Ed.S.
Clinical psychologyEducational psychologyApplied psychologySchool psychology

Question 2: ________ and Curriculum and Instruction are two of the most common areas where a specialist degree is found.
School psychologyEducational psychologyClinical psychologyApplied psychology

Question 3: programs lead to ________ in the application of advanced educational theory but do not typically place an emphasis on conducting original research such as in Ed.D./D.Ed. or Ph.D. programs.
Academic degreeFirst professional degreeDoctor of MedicineTerminal degree

Question 4: specialist - ekonomist - first degree in ________ or management (including engineering management)
EconomicsMercantilismEconomyKeynesian economics

Question 5: The Specialist degree is found in some programs of education or psychology and is awarded for study beyond the Master's degree but below the ________, (i.e., Ph.D., D.Ed.
Doctor (title)Academic degreePostgraduate educationDoctorate

Question 6: specialist - iskusstva - the first degree in ________

Question 7: In the early 1990s bakalavr (Bachelor's) and magistr (Master's) degrees were introduced in all the countries of the ________, except in Turkmenistan.
Commonwealth of Independent StatesEuropean UnionASEANShanghai Cooperation Organisation

Question 8: specialist - uchitel - the first degree for ________
CollegeEducationUnited StatesTeacher

Question 9: The specialist degree (Russian: специалист) was also the only first degree in the former ________.
Soviet UnionEastern BlocEast GermanyJoseph Stalin

Question 10: However, the specialist degree remains the most often granted degree in ________, Kazakhstan, Russia, Tajikistan and Ukraine to this day.
SerbiaAzerbaijanBosnia and HerzegovinaBelarus


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