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Question 1: In the ________ series, this type of move was called "Extra Joy".
Street Fighter AlphaStreet FighterStreet Fighter Alpha 2Final Fight

Question 2: Several manga outside of action or ________ genres feature various (and sometimes odd) special attacks, such as a particular cooking technique or an unstoppable overhand tennis move.
NovelFairy taleFantasySpeculative fiction

Question 3: For example, a simple ________ may be considered a normal attack, because it only hits one target, whereas a butterfly kick, designed to hit multiple targets, might be considered a special attack.
Okinawan martial artsKarateKickShōrinji-ryū

Question 4: In some games, like ________, the character performs a desperation attack right after reviving so that the opponents cannot gang up on the player.
Sonic the Hedgehog (series)Streets of RageStreets of Rage (series)Beyond Oasis

Question 5: The aforementioned butterfly kick is one such example, as is the "one strike kill" techniques of ________ and Battojutsu.
KenjutsuJapanese martial artsIaidōKendo

Question 6: Some, in particular comic book ________, might be born with the powers; others might gain them as a result of exposure to conditions that will bestow them.
Jack KirbySuperheroBatmanStan Lee

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