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Special Operations Executive: Quiz


Question 1: ________' Declare and Charles Stross's The Atrocity Archives.
James BlaylockScience fictionTim PowersPhilip K. Dick

Question 2: SOE's operations in the Middle East and ________ were controlled from a headquarters in Cairo, which was notorious for poor security, infighting and conflicts with other agencies.
Western EuropeBalkansEastern EuropeEurope

Question 3: After ________, the section was re-organised and enlarged with Major General Gerald Templer heading the Directorate, with Thornley as his deputy.
Operation OverlordOperation PerchBattle for CaenNormandy Landings

Question 4:
What is Special Operations Executive's nickname?
Somers Street
The Baker Street Irregulars
The Boys from Rathbone Street
Love Street

Question 5: SOE agents who entered Albania then or later included Julian Amery, Anthony Quayle, ________ and Neil "Billy" McLean.
IraqLife Guards (British Army)Archibald Wavell, 1st Earl WavellDavid Smiley

Question 6: They then attended courses in security and "tradecraft" at Group B schools around Beaulieu in ________.

Question 7:
What was the size of the Special Operations Executive?
Approximately 100 soldiers trained each year
Approximately 13,000
approximately 7,000
approximately 6,000

Question 8: [26] Other, more subtle sabotage methods included ________ laced with grinding materials, incendiaries disguised as innocuous objects and so on.
LubricantMotor oilDiesel fuelOil additive

Question 9: In the aftermath of the Italian collapse, SOE helped build a large resistance organisation in the cities of Northern Italy, and in the ________.
AlpsGeographyHimalayasJura Mountains

Question 10:
Where does Special Operations Executive come from?
United Kingdom
Central African Republic
United Kingdom

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