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Spearman's rank correlation coefficient: Quiz


Question 1: The Spearman correlation coefficient is often thought of as being the ________ between the ranked variables.
Pearson product-moment correlation coefficientNormal distributionCorrelation and dependenceStudent's t-distribution

Question 2: Spearman's rank correlation: Simple notes for students with an example of usage by biologists and a spreadsheet for ________ for calculating it (a part of materials for a Research Methods in Biology course).
Microsoft AccessMicrosoft WordMicrosoft ExcelMicrosoft Office

Question 3: In this example, we will use the raw data in the table below to calculate the correlation between the ________ of a person with the number of hours spent in front of TV per week.
IntelligenceRace and intelligenceIntelligence quotientHealth and intelligence

Question 4: The other sense in which the Spearman correlation is non-parametric is that its exact sampling distribution can be obtained without requiring knowledge of the joint ________ of X and Y.
Probability distributionDiscrete probability distributionStudent's t-distributionNormal distribution

Question 5: which is distributed approximately as Student's t distribution with n-2 degrees of freedom under the ________.
Type I and type II errorsStatistical hypothesis testingNull hypothesisBayesian inference

Question 6: If tied ranks exist, Pearson's ________ between ranks should be used for the calculation[1]:
VarianceNormal distributionPearson product-moment correlation coefficientCorrelation and dependence

Question 7: That is, ________ and hypothesis tests relating to the population value ρ can be carried out using the Fisher transformation:
Student's t-distributionNormal distributionConfidence intervalStatistical hypothesis testing

Question 8: Classic correspondence analysis is a statistical method which gives a score to every value of two nominal variables, in this way that Pearson's ________ between them is maximized.
Normal distributionPearson product-moment correlation coefficientVarianceCorrelation and dependence

Question 9: ________, a similar correlation method that instead relies on the data being linearly correlated.
Correlation and dependencePearson product-moment correlation coefficientNormal distributionStudent's t-distribution

Question 10: is a z-score for r which approximately follows a standard ________ under the null hypothesis of statistical independence (ρ = 0).
Student's t-distributionProbability distributionGeneralized normal distributionNormal distribution


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