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Spear: Quiz


Question 1: Short one handed spears used with a shield were used by the earliest ________ cultures for either single combat or in large formations.
Ancient Near EastBronze AgeDeverel-Rimbury cultureBronze Age Britain

Question 2: This use of the spear spurred the development of the lance as a distinct weapon which was perfected in the medieval sport of ________.
KnightJoustingHorses in the Middle AgesHorses in warfare

Question 3: Trishula Spear of ________, a Hindu god.

Question 4: The use of the two-handed Kontos by heavily-armored soldiers on horseback known as ________ was first developed by nomadic eastern Iranian tribes and spread throughout the ancient world.
CataphractScythiansByzantine EmpireRoman Empire

Question 5: One was the greater use of ________, light infantry armed with spear and javelins[9].
Alexander the GreatPeltastXenophonPhalanx formation

Question 6: One of the earliest weapons fashioned by human beings and their ancestors, it is still used for hunting and fishing, and its influences can still be seen in contemporary military arsenals as the rifle-mounted ________.
BayonetM16 rifleUnited StatesTrench knife

Question 7: Chimpanzees near Kédougou, ________ were observed to create spears by breaking straight limbs off trees, stripping them of their bark and side branches, and sharpening one end with their teeth.
MozambiqueSenegalCôte d'IvoireGuinea-Bissau

Question 8: Several spears and pole weapons were very fearsome in the Japanese theatres; the ________ was a heavy but powerful pole arm often used by mounted samurai in the 16th century.
Japanese swordTantōJapanese sword mountingsNaginata

Question 9: Spear hunting is still practiced in the USA[30], notably by retired US Air Force Colonel Gene Morris, and "Motor City Madman" ________[31].
Cat Scratch FeverCat Scratch Fever (song)Ted NugentDouble Live Gonzo!

Question 10: Gungnir Spear of Odin, famous god in ________.
ThorValkyrieNorse paganismNorse mythology


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