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Speaker for the Dead: Quiz


Question 1: Nebula Award winner, 1986[1]
________ winner, 1987[2]
Locus Award winner, 1987[2]
John W.

Question 2: The other outstanding feature of Lusitania is the ________, a native virus which almost wipes out the colony, until husband-and-wife biologists Gusta and Cida succeed in developing counters.
Concepts in the Ender's Game seriesXenocideEnder's GameEnder Wiggin

Question 3: He also takes a strong interest in the pequeninos, and eventually (in direct violation of ________ law) meets with them in person.
List of Ender's Game series organizationsSpeaker for the DeadList of Ender's Game series planetsEnder Wiggin

Question 4: With no other way to save him, the ________ declares itself in rebellion, Jane shuts off outside ansible contact, Miro is rescued, and Ender enters the forest to negotiate the aforementioned treaty.
Dependent territoryMunicipalityColonyCity

Question 5: Speaker for the Dead publication history at the ________
Online general-interest book databasesCory DoctorowScience fictionFacebook

Question 6: Speaker for the Dead (1986) is a science fiction novel by ________ and an indirect sequel to the novel Ender's Game.
Orson Scott CardHidden EmpirePrentice AlvinPosing as People

Question 7: Lusitania itself is remarkably lacking in biodiversity, featuring thousands of unfilled ________ niches.

Question 8: He signs it "Ender Wiggin," and for the first time in his life, someone (Novinha) is prepared to receive the ________ with compassion instead of revulsion.
Ender's GameSpeaker for the DeadXenocideShadow Puppets

Question 9: The movement is not a ________, although Speakers are treated with the respect accorded to a priest or cleric.
SoulRelationship between religion and scienceReligionAtheism


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