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Question 1:
What company publishes Spawn (comics)?

Question 2: Spawn has tried to retain his own humanity while finding a way out of Malebolgia's control and battling a variety of enemies, both ________ and criminal.

Question 3:
What powers does Spawn (comics) have?
Superhuman strength and durability
Regenerative healing factor,
Ability to construct dolls with which to physically control people
Omnilingualism .

Question 4: ________ (#'s 8, 37)
V for VendettaWatchmenAlan Moore bibliographyAlan Moore

Question 5:
What was Spawn (comics) allied to?
Government Operatives for Organized Defense of the Genuine United, States
Royal Air Force, United Kingdom
Hell, CIA , United States Marine Corps
Hulkbusters, United States military

Question 6: He gives it to Spawn, who opens it and sees a fleeting glimpse of a utopia, along with his wife, and then Cogliostro reveals that he is the biblical ________, the first murderer, and takes the crown of Hell for himself.
BibleMosesAbrahamCain and Abel

Question 7: Indeed, McFarlane stated repeatedly that his goal was for the character to become as well known as Superman and ________[citation needed].
Spider-ManThe New Avengers (comics)Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew)Stan Lee

Question 8:
When did Spawn (comics) make his debut?
World's Finest Comics #295
Spawn #1
Adventure Comics, #303

Question 9: ________ (#'s 105–106)
Boom! StudiosBrian Michael BendisSteve NilesCriminal Macabre: A Cal McDonald Mystery

Question 10: As signs of the end of days wreak havoc across the world, Spawn must find a way to stave off ________, and learn the true nature of Heaven, Hell, and the Earth.
Christian eschatologyChristian eschatological differencesEschatologyArmageddon

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