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Spanish transition to democracy: Quiz


Question 1: Suárez wanted to demonstrate to the army that the political normalization of the country meant neither anarchy nor ________.
RevolutionAnarchismKarl MarxPolitical philosophy

Question 2: Finally, in July, as Prime Minister Arias Navarro continued to delay reform and object to democratization, ________ ordered his resignation.
Juan Carlos I of SpainMonarchy of SpainFelipe, Prince of AsturiasCharles III of Spain

Question 3: The development of a Law for Political Reform that, once approved by the Cortes and the Spanish public in a referendum, would open the constituent process for creating a ________ in Spain.
Liberal democracyRadicalism (historical)LiberalismNeoliberalism

Question 4: After the public indignation lifted by the Massacre of Atocha in January 1977 against trade-unionists and Communists, Suárez decided to talk with PCE secretary general ________ in February.
Francisco FrancoSantiago CarrilloSpainSpanish Civil War

Question 5: A call for democratic elections in June 1977 in order to elect a Cortes that would be charged with drawing up a new democratic ________.
ConstitutionUnited KingdomDemocracyLaw

Question 6: In ________ the Moncloa Pact was passed: an agreement amongst politicians, political parties, and trade unions to plan how to operate the economy during the transition.

Question 7: In December 1976, the PSOE celebrated its 27th Congress in ________, and began to disassociate itself from the demands of the PCE, affirming that it would participate in the next call for elections for the Constituent Cortes.

Question 8: The ________ went on to be approved in a referendum on the December 6, 1978.
Constitution of the NetherlandsSpanish Constitution of 1978Constitution of IrelandConstitutions of Spain

Question 9: Also in March a new electoral law (Ley Electoral) introduced the necessary framework for Spain's electoral system to be brought into accord with those of other countries that were liberal ________.
CanadaBicameralismParliamentary systemUnited Kingdom

Question 10: In December 1976 the Tribunal de Orden Público (TOP), a sort of Francoist ________, was dissolved.
Death squadSecret policePolice statePolitical repression


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