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Spanish language in the Philippines: Quiz


Question 1: In 1863, Queen ________ decreed the establishment of a public school system, following the requests of the Spanish authorities in the islands, who saw the need of teaching Spanish to the wider population.
Maria Luisa of Spain, Duchess of LuccaIsabella II of SpainCharles III of SpainInfanta Eulalia of Spain

Question 2: The ________ fought for reforms and later for independence from Spain.
KatipunanJosé RizalAndrés BonifacioPhilippine Revolution

Question 3: By law, each town had to build two schools, one for boys and the other for girls, to teach the ________ and the Christian catechism.
Portuguese languageFrench languageRomanian languageSpanish language

Question 4: [28][29] This distinction is maintained when transliterating Spanish words using ________, except in a few notable cases such as kabayo (from caballo, "horse") and sibuyas (from cebollas, "onions").
Latin alphabetFilipino alphabetÑFilipino orthography

Question 5: In fact, of the great number of Spanish loan words that exist in the various Filipino languages, a few are actually of ________ origin that were first incorporated into Mexican Spanish and do not have origins in European Spanish.
Nahua peoplesNahuatlMesoamerican languagesMayan languages

Question 6: Following the ________, the U.S.
Philippine RevolutionPhilippine–American WarMoro RebellionSpanish–American War

Question 7: Alas Filipinas, the first and only Spanish ________ in the Philippines.
BlogPermalinkPolitical blogBlog software

Question 8: ________, also called Zamboangueño, is a Spanish-based creole language spoken mainly in the southern province of Zamboanga and, to a much lesser extent, in the province of Cavite in the northern region of Luzon.
PhilippinesTausug languageChavacano languageIlokano language

Question 9: [25] A great portion of the history of the Philippines is written in Spanish and, up until recently, many land titles, ________, newspapers and literature were still written in Spanish.
ContractDuressDelegation (law)Sharia

Question 10: Initially, the stance of the ________ and its missionaries was to preach to the natives in local languages, not in Spanish.
PopePope Gregory IPope John Paul IICatholic Church

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