Spanish language: Quiz


Question 1: As of 2010, 329 to 358 million people speak Spanish as a ________ and a total of 417 million people [7] speak it worldwide.
MultilingualismFirst languageFrench languageEnglish language

Question 2: The first Latin-to-Spanish grammar (Gramática de la lengua castellana) was written in ________, Spain, in 1492, by Elio Antonio de Nebrija.
SalamancaBéjarMiranda del CastañarCiudad Rodrigo

Question 3: A defining feature of Spanish was the ________ of the Latin short vowels e and o into ie and ue, respectively, when they were stressed.
Portuguese phonologyDiphthongInternational Phonetic AlphabetRomanian phonology

Question 4:
Who of the following spoke at the Spanish language?
As first or second language 450, to 500, million.

Question 5: Pija in many countries of Latin America and Spain itself is an obscene slang word for "penis", while in ________ the word also signifies "posh girl" or "snobby".

Question 6: The pronoun vosotros is the plural form of in most of Spain, but in the Americas (and in certain southern Spanish cities such as Cádiz and in the ________) it is replaced with ustedes.
MelillaCanary IslandsAndalusiaTenerife

Question 7: What does the following picture show?

  Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra
  Spanish spoken in the European Union
  The Royal Spanish Academy Headquarters in Madrid, Spain
  An examination of the dominance and stress of the voseo dialect in Central America. Data generated as illustrated by the Association of Spanish Language Academies. The darker the country, the stronger its dominance.

Question 8:
Spanish language, Arawakan languages and Colombian Spanish are all:
Languages of Panama Languages of the United States Languages of Colombia Languages of El Salvador

Question 9:
Spanish language, Q'eqchi' language and Pipil language are all:
Languages of Costa Rica Languages of El Salvador Languages of Guatemala Languages of Colombia

Question 10: [86] As of the 1990 Philippine census, only 2,660 people were reported to speak Spanish as a first language, with most speakers residing in ________.
Valenzuela CityMetro ManilaManilaQuezon City

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