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Question 1: ________, Romanian guerrilla of an opposite political orientation but with similar tactics.
Cluj-NapocaRomanian anti-communist resistance movementRomanian Communist PartyCommunist Romania

Question 2: In Catalonia, the group of Francesc Sabaté Llopart, "El Quico", acted in cities like ________.
Àmbit metropolità de BarcelonaLa Rambla, BarcelonaSagrada FamíliaBarcelona

Question 3: The different repressive tactics ranged from searches to the utilization of contras to uncover relationships to the scorched earth policy that was utilized in ________.
SpainMorella, SpainMaestrazgoRomania

Question 4: Armed resistance groups were also active in cities, although only prominently in Madrid and ________.
BarcelonaSagrada FamíliaÀmbit metropolità de BarcelonaLa Rambla, Barcelona

Question 5: It was the expression used for privateers when, fleeing from the authorities, they would seek refuge in the mountains of ________.

Question 6: Despite the diverse ideologies, due to the organizational persistence of the ________ until 1948, the Communists dominated the other currents.
Communist Party of AustriaFrench Communist PartyCommunist Party of SpainPortuguese Communist Party

Question 7: The offensives were repelled by a great force that was moved into the area by Franco, made up of ________, armed police, battalions of the Spanish Army, and 40,000 Moroccan troops.
Cuerpo Nacional de Policía (Spain)Civil Guard (Spain)ErtzaintzaSpain

Question 8: Referring to the contribution of the Spanish Maquis to the French resistance movement, ________ wrote in The Undefeated (1945):
Martha GellhornDavid HalberstamJohn PilgerRobert Capa

Question 9: The action with the greatest significance was the liberation, on May 23, 1938, of 300 Asturian political prisoners in ________.
Iznalloz, GranadaGranadaBaza, GranadaBubión

Question 10: At the end of the war, such activities had been set in motion on the fronts of Teruel, ________, Extremadura and Toledo.
SpainGalicia (Spain)Castile and LeónAndalusia


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