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Spanish Constitution of 1978: Quiz


Question 1: The Constitution of Spain is regarded as the culmination of the ________.
Second Spanish RepublicSpanish transition to democracySpanish StateMid-19th-century Spain

Question 2: ________ (Alianza Popular)
José María AznarGalicia (Spain)SpainManuel Fraga Iribarne

Question 3: One of those accepted was the substitution of the archaic gualda ("weld-colored") for the plain amarillo (yellow) in the description of the ________.
Flag of SpainFlag of PortugalFlag of LithuaniaFlag of Belgium

Question 4: Constitución española de 1978 at ________

Question 5: Other constitutional provisions recognize the right to adequate housing [1], ________[2], social welfare provision[3], health protection[4] and pensions.
FlextimeEmploymentUnemploymentWage slavery

Question 6: After the death of dictator ________ in 1975, a general election in 1977 convened the Constituent Cortes (the Spanish Parliament, in its capacity as a constitutional assembly) for the purpose of drafting and approving the constitution.
Francisco FrancoSpanish StateJosé María AznarJosé Luis Rodríguez Zapatero

Question 7: The constitution was approved by the ________ on October 31, 1978, and by the Spanish people in a referendum on December 6, 1978, before being promulgated by King Juan Carlos on December 27.
OireachtasHellenic ParliamentCortes GeneralesEuropean Parliament

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