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Question 1: The conquest of the Vandal kingdom in Tunisia and reestablishment of the Byzantine province of Mauretania by ________ was accomplished in 534 and brought the Byzantine military in contact with the Visigoths of Spain.
BelisariusGothic War (535–554)Byzantine EmpireJustinian I

Question 2: However, according to ________, it was Athanagild, in Autumn 551 or Winter 552, who begged Justinian for help.
Isidore of SevillePope Gregory IAugustine of HippoHistory of the Catholic Church

Question 3: The dating of this event is disputed: it may have occurred as part of Leontios' expedition to relieve Carthage, under assault by the ________, in 697; perhaps later, around 702; or perhaps late in Wittiza's reign.
IraqSyriaPalestinian peopleArab people

Question 4: [3] What is known is that Justinian was approached by one of the claimants to the throne and prepared an army and sent it from ________ under Liberius.
Byzantine navyConstantinopleByzantine EmpireHagia Sophia

Question 5: He conquered as far as the Mediterranean coast and razed many cities to the ground, enough even to catch the attention of the Frankish chronicler ________:
Chronicle of FredegarRoman EmpireCharlemagneFrancia

Question 6: This army was underway at the time when Jordanes concluded his ________ (usually dated 550 or 551):
GothsRoman EmpireOstrogothsGetica

Question 7: Aside from the southern parts of the provinces of Baetica and Carthaginiensis (the southern Levante), the Byzantines also held Ceuta across from the Gibraltar and the ________, which had fallen to them along with the rest of the Vandal kingdom.
Balearic IslandsLusitaniaPontusHispania

Question 8: It was a part of the conquests of ________ in an effort to restore the Western Roman Empire.
Constantine IJustinian IManuel I KomnenosBasiliscus

Question 9: Sometime during the joint reign of Egica and ________, a Byzantine fleet raided the coasts of southern Spain and was driven off by a local count named Theudimer.

Question 10: In the province of ________, wherein lay Cartagena and of which it was capital, the city of Baza was also Byzantine and it probably resisted the inroads of Leovigilid into that territory in 570, though it was Visigothic by 589.
Roman BritainHispaniaLusitaniaGallaecia


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