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Spain in the Middle Ages: Quiz


Question 1: Hispania Baetica, and to a lesser extent the other Roman provinces, Hispania Tarraconensis and ________.
LusitaniaGallaeciaRoman BritainItalia (Roman Empire)

Question 2: Suevi (________) in northern Hispania, 411 – 585
Suebic Kingdom of GaliciaTheodemarRechiarMiro (Suevic king)

Question 3: Visigothic culture in Spain can be seen as a phenomenon of Late Antiquity as much as part of the ________.
Germanic peoplesByzantine EmpireMigration periodEarly Middle Ages

Question 4: Early Modern Spain was first united as an institution in the reign of ________ as Carlos I of Spain.
Charles V, Holy Roman EmperorMaximilian I, Holy Roman EmperorJoseph II, Holy Roman EmperorFerdinand I, Holy Roman Emperor

Question 5: The broadest cultural divisions in ________ during the medieval period are between Islamic and Christian societies.
LusitaniaRoman BritainGallaeciaHispania

Question 6: The Middle Ages in Spain are often said to end in 1492 with the final acts of the Reconquista in the capitulation of the Nasrid Emirate of Granada and the ________ ordering the expulsion of the Jews.
Spanish InquisitionSephardi JewsAntisemitismAlhambra Decree

Question 7: and at the great shrine of ________.
Santiago de CompostelaPadrónA CoruñaSalamanca

Question 8: An organizing principle of medieval Spain was the Reconquista, by which territories that had once been Christian and Visigothic were recaptured and ________; the outstanding figure in the cultural imagination was the mythologized El Cid.
ChristianizationCrusadesByzantine EmpireGermanic Christianity


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