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Spacetime: Quiz


Question 1: Curiously, the cases N = 3 or 4 have the richest and most difficult ________ and topology.
ManifoldGeometryMathematicsAlgebraic geometry

Question 2: ________, loop quantum gravity, string theory, and black hole thermodynamics all predict a quantized spacetime with agreement on the order of magnitude.
Causal setsGeneral relativityOmega Point (Tipler)Unified field theory

Question 3: The peoples of the ________ have kept this understanding until now[5].
AndesPhysical geographyGeographyGran Chaco

Question 4: Events which occur to or by a ________ along its path (i.e., while travelling at c, the speed of light) all have light-like separation.
ElectronAtomStandard ModelPhoton

Question 5: The first reference to spacetime as a mathematical concept was in 1754 by Jean le Rond d'Alembert in the article Dimension in ________.
Denis DiderotEncyclop├ędieCharles de Secondat, baron de MontesquieuVoltaire

Question 6: ________ regarded space and time as a single concept, named pacha (Quechua: pacha, Aymara: pacha)[2][3][4].
Pre-Columbian eraInca EmpireFrancisco PizarroInca civilization

Question 7: If T > 1, subatomic particles which decay after a fixed period would not behave predictably, because time-like ________ would not be necessarily maximal.
General relativityGeodesicAffine connectionMetric tensor

Question 8: In 1920, ________ showed that if we fix T = 1 and let N > 3, the orbit of a planet about its sun cannot remain stable.
Max PlanckLudwig BoltzmannAlbert EinsteinPaul Ehrenfest

Question 9: These restrictions correspond roughly to a particular mathematical model which differs from Euclidean space in its manifest ________.
Group (mathematics)Euclidean groupSymmetrySymmetry (physics)

Question 10: ________ noted that time is a result of space (universe/world) and that God created space which resulted in time also being created either simultaneously with space or immediately thereafter.
Biblical canonPhiloAlexander the AlabarchMarcus Julius Alexander

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