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Question 1:
Who played Security Guard the telemovie Spaced?
Paul Kaye
Charles Dale
Daniel Ainsleigh
Josh Lawson

Question 2:
What role did Mark Heap play in the telemovie Spaced?
Brian Topp

Question 3: His main artistic drives are anger, pain, fear and aggression, and his art is, according to him, 'a bit more complex' than ________.
PaintPaintingVictoria and Albert MuseumWatercolor painting

Question 4:
What role did Mike Hayley play in the telemovie Spaced?
Christian Neubier
Tim Bisley
Security Guard

Question 5:
Who of the following starred in Spaced?

Question 6:
Who played Security Guard the telemovie Spaced?
John Simm
Paul Kaye
Josh Lawson
Mike Hayley

Question 7:
Who played Colin the telemovie Spaced?
Sara Rue
Lucy Akhurst
Richenda Carey
Aida the Dog

Question 8:

Question 9: In Episode Two of Season Two: "Changes", Bilbo wears a 2000 AD comic T-shirt whilst lecturing Tim about ________.
Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom MenaceStar Wars Episode IV: A New HopeStar WarsStar Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

Question 10:
Who played Paint ball player the telemovie Spaced?
Mark Heap
Paul Putner
Steven Atholl
Charles Dale

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