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Space debris: Quiz


Question 1: [85] A similar incident followed on ________ in 2007, when Endeavour was hit in a similar location by unknown debris which blew a hole several centimetres in diameter through the panel.

Question 2: The effect of the many impacts with smaller debris was particularly notable on ________, the Soviet space station, as it remained in space for long periods of time with the panels originally launched on its various modules.
Shuttle–Mir ProgramSpace habitatInternational Space StationMir

Question 3: The 2000s television series ________ follows the afterlife of a young woman after she is killed by the re-entry of a piece of space debris, specifically a toilet set from Mir.
Dead Like Me: Life After DeathWonderfallsDead Like MePushing Daisies

Question 4: Slight ________, lunar perturbations, and solar radiation pressure can gradually bring debris down to lower altitudes where it decays, but at very high altitudes this can take millennia.
Fluid dynamicsDrag equationDrag (physics)D'Alembert's paradox

Question 5: From the earliest days of the ________ missions, NASA has turned to NORAD's database to constantly monitor the orbital path in front of the Shuttle to find and avoid any known debris.
Ares ISpace ShuttleAres VApollo program

Question 6: During the 1970s and 80s the ________ launched a number of naval surveillance satellites as part of their RORSAT program.
Soviet UnionJoseph StalinRussiaEast Germany

Question 7: One major source of debris in the past was the testing of ________ carried out by both the U.S.
ASM-135 ASATAnti-ballistic missileAnti-satellite weaponUSA-193

Question 8: However, only one major incident has occurred: the ________ between Iridium 33 and Cosmos 2251.
Kosmos 2251International Space StationSpace debris2009 satellite collision

Question 9: In a catalog listing known launches up to July 2009, the ________ listed 902 operational satellites.
Republican Party (United States)Union of Concerned ScientistsKyoto ProtocolDemocratic Party (United States)

Question 10: Observation data gathered by a number of ground-based ________ facilities and telescopes as well as by a space-based telescope is used to maintain this catalogue.
RadarUltra high frequencyX bandWeather radar

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