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Question 1: Materials for the space capsule are designed in different ways, like the Apollo’s honey-combed structure of ________.

Question 2: The current RKK Energia design for the ________, being capable of flights to Mars, is an exception.
Russian Federal Space AgencyProspective Piloted Transport SystemInternational Space StationKliper

Question 3: There is no limit, save for lack of engineering experience, on using high-temperature ceramic tiles or ultra-high temperature ________ sheets on space capsules.
Ceramic materialsSolidCeramicCeramic engineering

Question 4: Air is a mixture of different ________, including nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide.

Question 5: Early space capsules were based on the designs of the late Maxime Faget and many Russian engineers working under ________.
Nikita KhrushchevJoseph StalinValentin GlushkoSergey Korolyov

Question 6: One of them, the ________ capsule, depressurized upon reentry and all three cosmonauts died.
Soyuz 11Apollo–Soyuz Test ProjectSoyuz 10Soyuz 12

Question 7: They also must have a way that the ________ won't be knocked around during launch or reentry.
Space RaceAstronautHuman spaceflightSpace exploration

Question 8: Most space capsules have used an ________ for reentry and been non-reusable.
Atmospheric reentryNASASpacecraftSpace Shuttle

Question 9: A capsule is the specified form for the ________.
Crew Exploration VehicleSpace Shuttle external tankOrion (spacecraft)Constellation program

Question 10: A space capsule is an often manned spacecraft which has a simple shape for the main section, without any wings or other features to create lift during ________.
NASASpace ShuttleAtmospheric reentryApollo program


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